Digital Worlds Episode 03 – Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Dan Vavra Interview.

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  1. 04/11/2014

    […] in May we were fortunate enough to secure an interview with Warhorse Studio’s creative director Dan Vavra, and ask him about the future direction of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Now, in November, we have […]

  2. 12/12/2014

    […] a follow on from our interview with Dan Vavra back in May 2014, we managed to snare War Horse Studio’s Head of Communications, Jiří Rýdl, for a quick […]

  3. 22/12/2014

    […] toteż zdecydowałem się go przetłumaczyć. Oryginalny, anglojęzyczny wywiad znajduje się tutaj, a jego polska wersja […]

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