Dances with Sea Monkeys: The Highly Unlikely Life and Times of Harold Von Braunhut.

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  1. Tilman says:

    I did very much enjoy this article… (just as I enjoyed your writeup on Prometheus…)
    Thought this one here deserves at least one comment too. :) Cheers!

  2. Henry Rothwell says:

    Much appreciated Tillman. You’re a gent. Or possibly a lady.

  3. Dave Worton says:

    Interesting, informative and amusing too. Nice piece of writing!

  4. Irl Sanders says:

    Nicely Done! Loved this line. Reeks of Douglas Adams at his finest.

    The drawback for the individuals living in a domestic setting, is that their continued existence depends entirely on the whims of a capricious ape, who is already feeling somewhat less than joyful at their presence,

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