The Meare Heath Bow Reconstruction (Part 1).

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  1. David says:

    Dear Stuart,
    I enjoyed reading your article on the Meare Heath bow and wondered if you’d have time to answer a question I have about how you applied the bindings/wrappings and what the process was..

    I’ve made an Elm bow that would work very well in this style and would love to try this out.
    David Oxford.

  2. DrStu says:

    Which of the bindings are you referring to David? Do you mean the rawhide?

  3. Hi DrStu,
    Well looking at Figure 1 in this Part 1 of the article, the sinew is wrapped around the tips but what is used for the horizontal bands and the webbing? They appear to be different, are they just different width leather strips? Also, I assume a form of glue used to fix the elements to the bow, the sinew and the hide?

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